Mother Rana Armand(Mother Entezari)

Mother Rana Armand(Mother Entezari), was born in Mahmoudabad in 1319 (1940). She was the fifth child of Hawa and Ramezan Armand. She married Khanlar Entezari in 1334 (1955). From this marriage were born nine children, boys and girls, of whom Abdolhamid Entezari was the first born and Abdolhamid (Soheil) was the last one.

Mother Rana was a hard working woman and loved her children. She supported Hamid and her other children and cooperated with them in their political activities from the 1350s (1970s) when Hamid entered into politics as well as during the revolution and thereafter. Mother’s house in Mahmoudabad was kind of a team house of political groups and from 1358 (1979) it became the team house of Peykar Organization. Mother Rana’s house was frequented by political activists in Mahmoudabad. The political activists of Mahmoudabad called Mother Rana as Mother Lenin. When her son’s fellow freedom-fighters were put in prison in 1360 (1981), she brought food and dairy products for them and their fellow prisoners and got into trouble with the prison guards in this respect on several occasions.

When Hamid, the eldest child of Mother Rana, was under prosecution on account of his political activities and went underground in Tehran, she would go there to visit him. The Islamic Republic arrested Hamid in Azar 1360 (Nov.-Dec. 1981) and shortly thereafter executed him by firing squad in Evin Prison on 28 Azar 1360 (19 Dec. 1981) together with four of his friends and buried them secretly in the Khavaran Cemetery without informing their families. Mother Rana, after the loss of Hamid, visited Khavaran together with some other mothers – Mother Yazdani, Mother Shaeri, Mother Assadi, Mother Roudgeryan, Mother Khosravi, Mother Karami and Mother Sa’adat – and participated in the ceremonies held there by the families. After a short period of time Mother Rana suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and after two months’ hospitalization died in Milad Hospital in Tehran on 14 Dey 1395 (03 Jan. 2017).

Abdolhamid Entezari

Hamid, the eldest son of Mother Rana and Khanlar, was born in Mahmoudabad in 1336 (1957). At the age of fourteen, when he was studying in junior high school in 1350 (1971), he became interested in the leftist ideology and fostered anti-monarchy thoughts. After the trial and execution of Khosrow Golesorkhi, he started his political activities. He joined the Jame School in Sari in 1353 (1974) but two years later was expelled from that school on grounds of his political activities. Hamid continued his education in Tabari High School in Amol in the field of science. He joined the revolutionaries’ insurgency in Amol in 1356 (1977).  

Savak arrested Ali Safari, Hamid’s fellow freedom-fighter, in 1355 (1976). After that event Hamid went underground. In the years preceding the revolution, Hamid and Ali distributed pamphlets and cassettes of the Organization of Fadai Guerrillas. Hamid, after the establishment of Peykar Organization in Ordibehesht 1358 (Apr.-May 1979), joined that Organization and together with his comrades, they established the branch of Peykar organization in Mahmudabad.

Following the attack on political organizations by the Islamic Republic, Hamid came to Tehran and went underground there. However, he was arrested together with two of his fellow freedom-fighters in early Azar 1360 (Nov.-Dec. 1981). After a short period of time he was executed by firing squad in Evin Prison on 28 Azar 1360 (18 Dec. 1981) and was secretly buried in Khavaran without the knowledge of his family.