Mother Pourandokht Pasgar (Mother Fattahi)

Mother Pourandokht, Mother Fattahi, was born in Hamadan in1307 (1928) and passed away in Tehran on 16 Mordad 1369 (7 Aug. 1990). She was the mother of Jalal Fattahi whom the Islamic Republic hanged in the Gohardasht Prison in Shahrivar 1367 (Aug.-Sep. 1988) during the massacre of political prisoners. Mother Fattahi was the first Khavaran Mother to die. Mother Fattahi called for justice for her son until the last moments of her life and frequented Khavaran.

Jalal Fattahi

Jalal Fattahi was born in Malayer in Mehr 1329 (Sep.-Oct. 1950). Jalal was a bachelor and the only male child of the Fattahi family. Jalal began his political activities during the Pahlavi regime and joined the Organization of People´s Fadai Guerrillas. He was arrested in 1352 (1973) and spent his prison sentence in the Joint Committee, Evin and Ghasr prisons. He was released from Ghasr Prison on 29 Dey 1357 (19 Jan. 1979) together with hundreds of other political prisoners.

After his release he continued his activities with the Organization of People´s Fadai Guerrillas. After the Organization’s split into minority-majority factions in the spring of 1359 (1980), together with his late friend Yahya Rahimi, formed a new organization called “Cells Supporting the Revolutionary Policy of the Fadaian.” The Islamic Republic arrested him in 1360 (1981) and hanged him in 1367 (1988) in the Gohardasht Prison together with hundreds of other political prisoners, and buried his lifeless body secretly in one of the unmarked graves in Khavaran. He passed his prison sentence in the Evin, Ghezel Hesar, Evin and finally in the Gohardasht prisons.