Mother Hajieh Sajoudi(Mother Ghaedi)

Mother Hajieh Sajoudi, Mother Ghaedi, was born in Rasht in 1309 and died in the late hours of the afternoon of 10 Dey 1398 (31 Dec. 2019) at her house in Tehran at the age of eighty-nine.

Due to pressures put on Mother Ghaedi during the years of her struggles for justice-seeking, she suffered two heart and brain strokes. Nevertheless Mother Ghaedi regularly visited Khavaran until six months before she became home-bound due to her sickness. The last time Mother Ghaedi visited Khavaran was the first Friday of Tir 1398 ( July 2019).

Mother Ghaedi from Mordad 1362 (Aug. 1983) until thirty-six years later travered between her house and Khavaran despite the pressures and limitations imposed by the Islamic Regime on families in relation to Khavaran. Mother Ghaedi was the only one among the Khavaran Mothers who was still able to visit Khavaran until six months before she closed her eyes to this world.

Mother became familiar with the prison for the first time in 1350 (1971) after her eldest son Javad was thrown in prison during the Shah’s regime. Mother’s life became subject to deep changes and transformations in 1360 (1981) when her three children, Javad, Sadegh and Mersedeh, and her daughter-in-law Monireh Hashemi, the wife of Javad, were arrested. From that day onwards the doors of prisons in Tehran and Karaj became the place of visits by this freedom-fighter and suffering mother. With the execution of her two sons Javad and Sadegh and her daughter-in-law Monir Hashemi in the early years of 1360s (1980s), mother Ghaedi was among the mothers whose feet touched the soil of Khavaran for the first time. 

Mother Ghaedi, together with a number of other Khavaran Mothers, was for Iran Tribunal like a column as tall as Mount Damavand. She was always a friend and supporter of Iran Tribunal. The flag of justice-seeking that Mother Ghaedi and her fellow freedom-fighting Khavaran Mothers had hoisted in relation to the execution of political prisoners in the 1360s (1980s), was taken over by the mothers whose loved ones were massacred by the Islamic regime in Aban 1398 (Oct.-Nov. 2019).

Sadegh Ghaedi

Sadegh was born in Rasht in 1330 (1951). Sadegh joined the Faculty of Commerce in the academic year 1349-50 (1970-71) and graduated from this Faculty in 1354 (1975). Immediately after graduating from the university, Sadegh went underground and started his struggle against the Shah’s regime. After the seizing of power by the Islamic regime, he was arrested on 19 Khordad 1360 (09 June 1981). Six months later, after he was brutally tortured, he was executed by the Islamic regime in Evin Prison on 30 Bahman 1361 (19 Feb. 1983) and was buried in Plot 100 of Behesht Zahra Cemetery. When the Islamic regime terminated his life, Sadegh was thirty-one years old.

Javad Ghaedi

Javad was born in Rasht in 1331 (1952) in Rasht. Javad joined the Sharif University of Technology in the academic year 1349-50 (1970-71). He was arrested on account of student activities in 1351 (1972) and was sentenced to one-year imprisonment in the prisons of the Shah’s regime. Javad, a few months after his release, continued his struggles against the Shah’s regime and went underground. After that the Islamic regime took power, he was arrested on 19 Khordad 1361 (09 June 1982). One year after his arrest he was executed in Evin Prison by the firing squad on 22 Mordad 1362 (13 July 1983) and buried in Khavaran abonded Cemetery. Javad became acquainted with his wife Monir Hashemi during the time he was living in secret.  

Monir Hashemi

Monir was born in Arak on 12 Khordad 1333 (02 June 1954). After completing her High School, she joined Naft University in Tehran and graduated from this university in the field of accountancy. Monir began her struggle in secret in Mordad 1355 (Aug.1976). The Islamic regime arrested her on 19 Khordad 1361 (09 June 1982) and executed her and her husband by the firing squad on the same day in Evin Prison on 22 Mordad 1362 (13 July 1983). She was buried Behesht Zahra Cemetery.