Mother Akhtar Nikoukar(Mother Hassanpour)

Mother Akhtar Nikoukar(Mother Hassanpour), born in 1307 (1928), one of the Khavaran mothers, died on Wednesday 14 Dey 1392 (04 Jan. 2014) in Kalachai, the city of her birth. Mother Akhtar was a school teacher. Later, she abandoned this occupation and became a housewife. Her son Rahim Hassanpour and her son-in-law Ali Mehdizadeh, a prisoner of the Shah’s regime, were executed in Evin Prison in the autumn of 1362 (1983) and were buried in Khavaran Abandoned Cemetery. Another son of Mother Nikoukar, Hamid Hassanpour, lost his life in Kurdistan in 1362 (1983) When fighting the Islamic Regime of Iran. His place of burial is not known.

Mother Akhtar was a brave and patient woman. These two qualities combined with kindness and magnanimity made her exceptionally popular among her friends and acquaintances. A large number of people attended her burial ceremonies. As she had instructed in her will, the photographs of Rahim and Hamid Hassanpour and Ali Mehdizadeh were carried on her casket. Mother Akhtar was a friend and supporter of families who had lost a loved one in the bloody 1980s. Despite the extreme pressure and control exerted over her by the Islamic Regime Security Apparatus, she never remained silent about the injustices done to her loved ones. She held memorial services for them and derided the threats made to her. It had become the most important occupation of her life that her loved ones and the dear children of others who had lost their lives in pursuance of their ideals were not forgotten. She had said time and again that her only dream was the trial of the ruling islamic criminals. In the letter she left for her daughters, she has asked them to keep the memory of her loved ones alive.

Rahim Hassanpour

Rahim Hassanpour was born in Roudsar in 1330 (1951). His mother’s name was Akhtar and father’s Karim. He was graduated as a bachelor, he was a teacher and a student of History at the Tehran University. Rahim was arrested in Tehran on 19 Mehr 1365 (11 October 1986) and executed in Evin Prison because of his affiliation to Organization of Revolutionary Workers of Iran – The Worker’s Way in Mordad-Shahrivar 1367 (Aug. – Sep. 1988). The Islamic Republic buried Rahim together with hundreds of other leftist political prisoners in mass graves in Khavaran. He was 37 years old at the time of his execution.

Ali Mehdizadeh Valoujerdi

Ali Mehdizadeh Valoujerdi was born in Tehran in 1324 (1945). His father’s name was Hassan. He was graduated as a bachelor and an employee of Iran Central Bank. Ali was arrested in Tehran on 10 Farvardin 1362 (30 March 1983) and executed in Evin Prison on 07 Aban 1362 (29 Oct. 1983) because of his affiliation to Organization of Revolutionary Workers of Iran – The Worker’s Way. He was buried in Khavaran Cemetery without the knowledge of his family. He was 38 years old at the time of his execution.