Mother Razieh Ghorbanpour(Mashhadsari)

Mother Razieh Ghorbanpour, the mother of Abdolhashem Mashhadsari, was born in Babolsar in 1308 (1929) and passed away in Babolsar in 1376 (1997). Mother Razieh, after the arrest of her son Hashem in Aban 1364 (Oct.-Nov. 1985), became familiar with the prisons of the Islamic Republic. She travelled hundreds of kilometres between Babolsar and Tehran to meet her son until the Islamic Republic executed Hashem by the firing squad during the massacre of political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison in Shahrivar 1367 (Aug.-Sep. 1988). The Islamic Republic buried Hashem secretly without informing his family in one of the mass graves in Khavaran. From that time onward until she said farewell to this world, Mother Razieh travelled between Babolsar and Tehran and strived to seek justice for her son Hashem together with other mothers.   

Abdolhashem Adel Mashhadsari

Hashem Adel Mashhadsari was born in Babolsar on 26 Shahrivar 1332 (17 Sep. 1953). He had his primary school education in Babolsar and the secondary school education in Babol. He completed his conscription service as a conscript teacher in Mashhad, in the village of Ghale Ghassab, Sarakhs. After his conscription service he served as a teacher in the village of Ferm Haidarkala, Babol.   Hashem entered the University of Tehran in 1354 (1975) and began his studies in the field of Geography. A year later he went to India and continued his education there. Hashem returned to Iran in later 1357 (1978) and joined the Organisation of People´s Fadai Guerrillas. After the Organisation’s split into Majority and Minority factions, he continued his activities with the Organisation of People´s Fadai Guerrillas (Minority). Upon his return to Iran Hashem continued to pursue his teaching occupation and taught at the Aliabad Mostowfi schools in the suburbs of Tehran. Hashem married in 1361 (1982). He was arrested in Tehran in Aban 1364 (Oct.-Nov. 1985) and was interrogated and tortured in the Joint Committee prison. Hashem was sentenced to four years imprisonment but the Islamic Republic executed him together with hundreds of other political prisoners in the Gohardasht Prison in Shahrivar 1367 (Aug.-Sep. 1988) and buried his body in one of the mass graves of Khavaran in secret. Hashem has left one son behind him.