Mother Monavar Eilipour (Mother Milani)

Mother Monavar Eilipour, the mother of Rahim Milani, was a member of the large Khavaran family. Mother Milani, in all of the years after 1360 (1981), was always an active mother at Khavaran. Her sickness and physical ailments were never able to keep her from visiting Khavarn. She was one of the resistant and brave mothers of Khavaran. Mother Milani passed away on Wednesday 13 Farvardin 1393 (02 April 2014). She was buried in Behesht Zahra Cemetery in Tehran. Mother Milani was among the mothers who held ceremonies at her home on various occasions, including the death anniversary of his son Rahim, Nowrooz and the 8th of March, in memory of Rahim and others who lost their lives in the 1980s. Those ceremonies included different programs such as verse recitals, hymns and anthems.  In those ceremonies mothers talked about the days when they got acquainted with each other on days of visits of Evin Prison and the hardships endured by them. Mother Milani always attended the memorial ceremonies of other families.

Rahim Milani

Rahim Milani was born in — on —-. He was arrested on 06 Mehr 1360 (28 Sep. 1981) on charges of cooperation with Rah-e Kargar Oragnisation. A month later, after a period of unbearable torture, he was executed in Evin Prison on 07 Aban 1360 (29 Oct. 1981). Rahim was buried in Khavaran Cemetery. Rahim was in prison for three years in the Shah’s regime as well. He was a graduate of Sharif University of Technology.

Text: 17 June 2014