Mother Effatolsharieh Moridi(Mother Moini)

Mother Effatolsharieh Moridi, the mother of Haibat Moini, one of the hardworking and diligent mothers of Khavaran, was born in Khorramabad, Loristan, in Farvardin 1308 (March-April 1929). Mother Moini fares quite well in her childhood, studies and after passing 6 grades becomes a teacher. From her very childhood she loved books and the reading of books. However, at the very early age of 14 she married Hojjat Moini Chagharvand who too was an avid book reader. The result of this marriage was five daughters and five sons. Mother Effat leaves the job of teaching after her marriage. However, a few years after the formation of Women’s Organization, she joins this Organization’s movement of fight against illiteracy and its social activities. This hard working woman leaves this Organization after her children grow up and when she gets involved in coming and going to prisons to visit them.

Mother Effat’s older son Haibat Moini became a political activist during the years 1342 – 45 (1963 – 66) and got arrested. He was released from prison after a few months and then arrested again in 1351 (1972) and remained in prison until 1357 (1978). Her other son Behrouz Moini was also arrested in 1353 (1974) and remained in prison until the revolution. Mother Moini was one of those people who spread the news of struggles of political prisoners of Ghasr, Ghezel Ghale and Evin prisons to outside world. After the revolution, hardly a few years had passed when Mother Moini again became a wanderer of the prisons of the Islamic Republic. Behrouz early on died in a traffic accident the cause of which is still not known clearly.  After a while Reza Moini, another of her son, was arrested and remained in prison for a period of time. Haibat was arrested in 1362 (1983) and was executed by the firing squad during the massacre of political prisoners in Evin Prison in 1367 (1988).

After the execution of Haibat, Mother Moini’s visits to Khavaran began. She was one of the steadfast mothers who, with the photograph of her son in hand, actively visited Khavaran along with other mothers and families. Her warm and steady voice, in which she sang the anthem “nanny, nanny,” will never be forgotten by the families. Mother Effat, during the last years of her life, became unable to visit Khavaran due to threats and suppression of the Islamic regime on the one hand, and sickness and stress resulting from it, on the other.

Mother Moini was a patient, resistant and unrelenting woman. During the imprisonment of her sons, she worked hard for their release from the prison. In order to have Haibat’s death sentence quashed, she did whatever she could until she was able, after a lot of coming and going, to have his death sentence commuted to life imprisonment through one of the acquaintances who held a high position in the government. She regularly travelled between Khorramabad and Tehran. Often she had no place to spend the night and slept in parks. She was happy that she had saved her son from sure death. However, they ultimately killed him in 1367 (1988). Mother Moini died in Tehran on Friday the 03 Khordad 1392 (24 May 2013).

Haibat Moini Chagharvand

Haibatollah Moini was born in Khorramabad in 1339 (1960). His father’s name was Hojjatollah Moini Chagharvand. He was married. Haibatollah had studied Psychology at Tehran University. He was arrested in Tehran in 1362 (1983) because of his membership with the Organisation of People´s Fadai Guerrillas(Majority; 16 Azar Wing). He was executed at the age of 33 in Evin during the massacre of political prisoners on 10 Shahrivar 1367 (01 Sep. 1988). The Islamic regime buried him without informing his family, together with hundreds of other political prisoners, in one of the unmarked mass graves in Khavaran. 

Texted: 20 June 2014/Transated Februari 2021