Mother Tayyebeh Davoudi(Mother Rezazadeh)

Mother Tayyebeh Davoudi, the mother Rezazadeh, was born in Tabriz. She and her husband Reza Rezazadeh were one of the first families who realized that the Islamic Republic had buried many leftist political prisoners in unmarked graves in Khavaran. After the Islamic Republic executed their son Dariush by firing squad on 31 Tir 1360 (22 July 1981), they searched everywhere to find his traces and contacted the pertinent institutions. However, it was to no avail until they were told in Behesht Zahra Cemetery that their son was buried in Khavaran. The father and mother of Rezazadeh from that time onwards regularly visited Khavaran and sought justice together with other families for their loved ones. They always resisted the attacks of the organized vigilantes of the Islamic Republic who attempted to prevent families from visiting the Khavaran Cemetery. The father and mother of Rezazadeh unwaveringly supported the justice-seeking efforts of the families in Khavaran and actively participated in the large Friday gatherings of families held on the last Friday of each year and on the 10th of Sharivar (1st of September).

Mother Tayyebeh, due to her sickness and old age, is not able to travel these days from Tabriz to Tehran and to visit the Khavaran Cemetery. The father of Rezazadeh was born in Tabriz in 1306 (1927). He served in the Army in his young age and was a supporter of the Tudeh Party. The father of Rezazadeh died of a heart attack at the age of eighty-six years in 1392 (2013), leaving Mother Tayyebeh to face her pains and aches alone by herself. They returned from Tehran to Tabriz in 1369 (1990) and took up residence there. The father of Rezazadeh never submitted to the idea of obtaining a passport from the Islamic Republic and visiting his children who live overseas.

One of the members of the Khavaran families recalls that one day in early Shahrivar 1360 (Aug.-Sep. 1981) the vigilantes of the Islamic Republic attacked the families in Khavaran with clubs and stones and injured many of them. In this attack they seriously injured the father of Rezazadeh and broke his leg. They vandalized his car and of a number of others who had parked them on the roadside in Khavaran. After that, from two to three months the families visited the unmarked graves of their loved one randomly and on different days. With the increase in executions, the number of families in Khavaran also increased. Gradually the families found one another and visited the Khavaran Cemetery together every Friday.

Dariush Rezazadeh

Dariush Rezazadeh was born in Tabriz in 1336 (1957) in a leftist political family. Reza Rezazadeh, the father of Dariush, who had a photography shop in Tabriz, was once a supporter of the Tudeh Party of Iran. Dariush Rezazadeh completed his primary and secondary school and university education in Tabriz and graduated as a bachelor from the Tabriz University in the field of Industrial Design. Dariush Rezazadeh during the Shah’s regime was a supporter of the Fedayin Khalq Guerrilla Organization. Dariush, after the seizing of power by the Islamic Republic, joined the Peykar Organization for Fighting for the Freedom of the Workers’ Class. Then he went to Tehran and started his activities in the publications section of that Organization.

In the month of Tir 1360 (June-July 1981), after the betrayal of a house in Tehran in which Dariush Rezazadeh and his friends lived, they were arrested and taken to Evin Prison. A few days later, the Islamic Republic executed by firing squad Dariush and his friends together with 14 other prisoners on 31 Tir 1360 (22 July 1981) and secretly buried them in the Khavaran Cemetery.

Texted: June 2014/Translated: February 2021