Mother Shahrbanu Ghoreishi(Mother Sa’adat)

Mother Shahrbanu Ghoreishi, Mother Sa’adat, is the mother of Alireza Sa’adat, a Organisation of Struggle for the Emancipation of the Working Class, and Mohammadreza Sa’adat, a member of the student section of the same organisation. Both were murdered by the Islamic regime of Iran in 1360 (1981). Alireza was executed in Evin prison in Shahrivar 1360 (Aug.-Sep. 1981) and Mohammadreza was murdered under torture in Chalus Prison.

Mother Sa’adat, together with her husband, actively participated in the memorial ceremonies held by the families of the executed in Khavaran abandoned cemetery. Mother Sa’adat had a poem on Khavaran which she recited every time they gathered in Khavaran. Mother Sa’adat and her husband relentlessly worked for the justice-seeking movement and for that very reason they, like their children, were imprisoned and tortured. Mother, like many of the Khavaran Mothers, fell ill at the later stage of her life and could no longer visit the Khavaran.

Alireza Sa’adat Niaki

Alireza Sa’adat Niaki was born in the City of Amol in 1331 (1952). He joined the Tehran University’s Faculty of Medicine in 1350 (1971). He started his political activities from 1355 (1976) with the Marxist faction of the Mujahedin Organisation and then, after the change of name of this Organisation to “Organisation of Struggle for the Emancipation of the Working Class” in 1358 (1979), he continued his activities with this Organisation. After the revolution, he was given the responsibility of Northen Committee of the organisation. He was later transferred to Kurdistan in 1358 (1979). He worked there as a physician for two years. He was transferred back to Tehran in early 1360 (1981) and was arrested in the same year. He was tortured and executed in Evin Prison on 25 Shahrivar 1360 (16 Sep. 1981). The Islamic regime buried Alireza secretly in Khavaran without informing his family. Alireza was married and a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Tehran University.

Mohammadreza (Mehran) Sa’adat Niaki

Mohammadreza Sa’adat Niaki was born in Amol in 1338 (1959). He was married and when he was arrested in 1360 (1981), he was a last year student of radiology. The Islamic regime arrested Mohammadreza in Mashhad in the summer of 1360 (1981) and after transferring him to prison in Chalus, murdered him under torture.