Mother Ezzat Soleimani(Mother Sadeghi)

Mother Ezzat Soleimani is the mother of Yadollah and Lotfollah Sadeghi. Lotfollah was killed in front of Police Station 128 on 19 Bahman 1357 (08 Feb. 1979), three days before the victory of the revolution. The Islamic regime executed Yadollah during the massacre of political prisoners in the summer of 1367 (1988).

Mother Sadeghi was one of the resisting and justice-seeking mothers who, as long as she was healthy, visited Khavaran after taking several buses in order to keep alive the memory of her son, who was buried by the Islamic regime in Khavaran abandoned cemetery in secret. She also visited Behesht Zahra Cemetery, where her son Lotfullah was buried, in order to keep his memory alive.  

Mother Sadeghi passed away in Tehran on 17 Dey 1398 (07 Jan. 2020) and was buried in Behesht Zahra Cemetery alongside her son Lotfollah.

Yadollah Sadeghi

The Islamic regime executed Yadollah in Tehran in the summer of 1367 (1988) and buried him in an unmarked grave along with hundreds of others. No more information about him could be obtained.