The future justice is in the hand of people.

We now need to prepare future justice for Iranians and other oppressed people of the world. Our hope is that the Iran Tribunal can be used as a model and as a tool for the benefit of a justice-centered future where human dignity and intrinsic value are universal and justice restored.

The struggle for justice is not a local but rather a universal one; the issues it raises are universal in nature. The justice will be gain only if the people exercise their own power.

With support of people and defenders of equality and social justice, Iran Tribunal succeeded to convict the Islamic Republic of Iran for crimes against humanity, in two phases, between June and October 2012.

Iran Tribunal is the first and unprecedented court in human history held by the people. Iran Tribunal is a historic experience and achievement for justice seeking people around the world. Iran Tribunal should be available to justice seeking people, law universities and education centers around the world.

Iran Tribunal relies on donations from generous individuals. In order to remain independent, we do not accept funding from governments, their institutions, NGOs funding by governments, corporations or political parties.

Ways That You Can Help Us

There are lots of ways that you can help the Iran Tribunal - directly and indirectly. One obvious way is to make a donation. It's an easy process and you can give whatever amount you want - it all helps. Your financial support will be much appreciated.

Other ways to support the Iran Tribunal includes awareness and fund-raising events in your communities and contribute the campaign as Volunteer.

You can also support Iran Tribunal by actively taking part and creating a National Support Committee in your respective country. For more information, contact us.

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