Celebration of life for Maurice Copithorne

An event was held in Vancouver on 13 April 2019 to remember and tribute Mr Marurice Copithorne under title of “Celebrations of life for Maurice Copithorne”. A delegation from Iran Tribunal Foundation; Ardavan Zibram, Shohreh Ghanbar and Ladan Tavkoli attended the event and donated a bouquet of flowers in tribute of Maurice Copithorne. 

Mr. Copithorne served as the Chairman of the Truth Commission of Iran Tribunal (June 2012) and appeared before the Judges of Iran Tribunal in The Hague as expert witness (October 2012).

Mr. Copithorne worked tirelessly in defense of human rights in Iran and rights of the political prisoners during his term as the UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur for Iran (1995-2002) and thereafter.  He was a beacon of hope for the political prisoners in Iran.

Iran Tribunal Foundation