In June 1981, the Islamic Republic of Iran went about arresting, imprisoning, torturing and executing thousands upon thousands of Iranian citizens because their beliefs and political engagements conflicted with that of the regime.

The exact number of prisoners executed remains a point of contention. Iran Tribunal has so far recorded over 11000 but an alternative estimation suggests that the number exceeded 20,000. 

This process culminated with Khomeini’s “Fatwa” (Islamic Decree), in July 1988, whereupon the mass execution of Iran’s political prisoners was implemented and within two months, between August and September of that year, thousands of political prisoners were executed.

There are no exact figures of the number of victims due to the suppressive political climate and severe censorship in Iran. Nevertheless, to this day, Iran Tribunal has recorded over 4000 names. It is believedthat the true number is much higher.

The victims’ bodies were buried in undisclosed mass graves. To this day, many families do not know where their loved ones are buried. The Islamic Republic of Iran refuses to give any information about where the graves are located, but a number of graves have been discovered by the families.

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1981 to 1987(First period in 1980s)


1988 (Second period in 1980s)