Mother Eshrat Okhoovat, wife of Ali Okhoovat Moghaddam, died in Tehran in Azar 1397 (Nov.-Dec. 2018). Hossein Okhoovat Moghaddam, son of Mother Eshrat and Ali Okhoovat, was a member of Peykar Organization. He  was executed by the Islamic Republic by firing squad on 30 Bahman 1361 (19 Feb. 1983) and was buried in the Khavaran Cemetery. Hossein’s wife, Nooshin Nafici was also arrested and was pregnant at the time of her arrest and gave birth to a girl in prison.  

In the early years of the 1360s (1980s), the agents of the Islamic Republic who pursuing Hossein, Mother Okhoovat’s son, took hostage his father and imprisoned him in the solitary cell in Ward 209 of Evin Prison. Mother Okhoovat was also arrested at about the same time and was kept in Evin Prison for nearly two years.

Mother Okhoovat was a patient, courageous and persistent mother and a kind and cheerful woman. Mother Okhoovat, two years prior to her death, had a difficult surgery and thereafter visited Khavaran with a great deal of difficulty but in high spirits.

Mother Okhoovat one month before her death fell on the ground and lost her ability to visit Khavaran. Nevertheless, the Friday prior to her death, i.e., the second Friday of Azar 1397 (Nov.-Dec. 2018), she visited Khavaran with a great deal of difficulty, with a walking stick, and with the help of other families.

Hossein Okhoovat Moghaddam

Hossein Okhoovat Moghaddam was a political activist from the time of the Shah’s regime. He was arrested for the first time in 1348 (1969) in relation to demonstrations staged in protest against the increase in price of bus tickets in Tehran. After his release from prison, he went to Dubai, in order to establish contacts with Palestinian groups, where he stayed for seven months. Upon his return to Iran he was arrested and remained in prison for two years. After his release from prison he continued his political activities among the labourers.

Hossein founded a group called Kargaran-e Mobarez (Combatant Labourers). This group participated in the Unity Conference consisting of different groups. This Conference, which continued from Bahman 1357 (Jan.-Feb. 1979) up to summer of 1358 (1979), was initiated by Peykar Organization. After this Conference, the Combatant Labourers group merged with Peykar and Hossein Okhoovat Moghaddam became a member of Peykar and continued his political activities in the labour section of Organization. Hossein was arrested on 01 Azar 1361 (22 November 1982) and was executed by the firing squad in Evin Prison on 30 Bahman 1361 (19 Feb. 1983).