Mother Fatemeh Malak(Mother Mohseni)

Mother Fatemeh Malak, the mother of Mojtaba Mohseni, was one of the active mothers of Khavaran. In 1350 (1971) her frequenting the prisons began and it came to an end in 1367 (1988), when her youngest son Mojtaba  executed. During those long years she became acquainted with the mothers of other political prisoners; their common pain brought them together and created a deep bond among them. One autumn day in 1988, a man from the other end of the telephone line informed her of the execution of Mojtaba. Mother Mohseni joined the group of mothers who are known as the Khavaran Mothers, who stepped on the long and hazardous road of seeking justice for their loved ones.

In 1389 (2010) Mother Mohseni left Iran and the soil in which her son was buried and went to Germany. During the first years of her stay overseas, she lost her husband. As long as she could stand on her two feet, she maintained her connection with the Khavaran Mothers. Outside of Iran she assumed the responsibility of providing financial assistance to the families of executed political activists. As long as sickness did not defeat her, she remained friends with families which had lost their loved ones. Her desire to seek justice for her son and to know the circumstance of his death did not outlast her life. Mother Mohseni died at the dawn of Friday 06 Nov. 2009 in the City of Koln, Germany, with a wound in her heart that never healed, and with an aspiration for justice dreaming which she lived twenty-one long years. 

Mojtaba Mohseni

He was born in the City of Arak on 28/6/1336 (19 Sep. 1957). He was a student of Agriculture at the University of Karaj, and was marrried. He was arrested in Isfahan in 1363 (1984) for being politically active in relation with the Organsiation of People´s Fadai Guerrillas (Majority, 16 Azar Wing). Mojtaba was executed In Dastgerd Prison in December 1988. Mojtaba was thirty-one year old at the time he was executed.

Texted: 14 June 2014/Translated: February 2021