A report from France 24 on the Iran bloody uprising of November 2019

In this report, it is said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has killed three hundred people during the uprising of Iranian people in November 2019, while the statistics published by Iranian and international human rights organisations show that the Islamic Republic has killed more than 1500 people in 130 cities between November 15 and 17, 2019. This report is important because it has accurately documented four cases of the killings in four cities in November 2019.

The report has 4 episodes. Each episode deals with a city and in each of them an incident.


The fact that the Islamic Republic official has said that the bullets did not come from their weapons, proves that it was coming from their weapons.


It is shown that in one part of the city, people were standing peacefully and then the Basij (the government irregular military forces) started firing at them.


It is proven that people are shot from a Basij center and at least four people are killed/injured. With the exact name and address of the Basij center.


The exact location of the massacre is shown and it is proved that weapons belong to military forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

All using videos posted by people.