This campaign was formally launched on 10 December 2009 after 2 years of initial preparation and groundwork. All activities in all levels have been carried out voluntarily and collectively. As media coverage is imperative, the campaign formed a group of spokespersons amongst its activists to speak on behalf of the campaign worldwide. The group composed mainly of the family members of the executed prisoners and the survivors of the 1980s massacre from across the globe. The number of members of the group was affected by the increase or decrease of the number of the campaign activists as well as number of regional working groups. The campaign had two groups of spokesperson throughout the campaign. The following lists are the names of the two groups formed one after the other.  

It should be added that, the following groups were formed after that the campaign was formally launched on the December 2009.

third group- February 2011 to the date the structure of the campaign was changed in July 2013.

  1. Sahar Mohammadi
  2. Behrooz Pertow
  3. Leila Ghalebani
  4. Roya Ghiasi
  5. Ahmad Mosouvi
  6. Akram Biramvand
  7. Iraj Mesdaghi
  8. Paywand Bahskani
  9. Ardavan Zibaram
  10. Pouyan Daneshian

Second group- February 2010 – February 2011.

  1. Iman Shirali
  2. Leila Ghalghebani
  3. Rakhshande Hussainpour
  4. Akram Biravand
  5. Dariosh Afshar
  6. Hamid Kamali
  7. Behrooz Pertow
  8. Babak Rahimi
  9. Ahmad Mousavi
  10. Suzan Bahar
  11. Iraj Mesdaghi
  12. Vahid Valizadeh
  13. Paywand Bashkandi
  14. Zargham Asadi
  15. Zaman Massoudi
  16. Ardavan Zibaram
  17. Pouyan Daneshian

First group- July 2009 – 5 February 2010.

  1. Abbas Samakar
  2. Suzan Bahar
  3. Paywand Bashkandi
  4. Zaman Masoudi
  5. Dariosh Afshar
  6. Iman Shirali
  7. Behrooz Pertow
  8. Babak Rahimi
  9. Ahmad Mousavi
  10. Vahid Valizadeh
  11. Manoochehr Safarali
  12. Sohrab Khoshboui