Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi escaped from Germany with the help of German authorities, while claims against him for crimes committed by him during his tenure as the Head of Judiciary of IRI (including murder and torture of prisoners of conscience) was submitted to the German Federal Prosecutor.

Our lawyers in Germany are continuing with their efforts to obtain international arrest warrant for Shahroudi for crimes against humanity, notwithstanding his escape.

German Fedral Prosecutor Office has been siezed with this matter and are reviewing Shahroudi’s case by applying the requirements of crimes against humanity under customary international law.

The dossier that has been submitted by our lawyers to the Federal Prosecutor consists of statements by a number Of witnesses as well as experts opinions and documents evidencing Shahroudi’s involvement in the commission of these crimes.

Shahroudi’s case, after Mikonus case is the most serious criminal action against a high ranking official of IRI.

This is a further step in the long march to justice by the oppressed people of Iran and in support of their struggle to achieve freedom and equality.

Iran Watch

14 January 2018