Since being informed of the arrival of Mahmoud Shahroudi (the former head of the Judiciary of the IRI) in a hospital in Hanover, some 10 days ago, Iran Watch implemented extensive steps towards prosecution of Shahroudi in Germany.  Iran Watch, assisted by the team of lawyers of Iran Tribunal, investigated ways and means of progressing its aim.  As Sharoudi was not a German citizen, nor had he committed the crimes within the jurisdiction of German courts, thus he could only be prosecuted for crimes against humanity, under universal jurisdiction accepted by Germany.

During his 10-year term (from 1989 to 1999) as the head of the Judiciary, the law enforcement officers under Judiciary’s control, including Saeed Mortazavi, the then Prosecutor, security forces and other organs of oppression, committed many crimes.  These were done under the supervision, control and with the knowledge of Shahroudi.  No action was taken by the Judiciary to stop these criminal activities.  To the contrary, Shahroudi appointed a committee composed of Dorri Najaf-Abadi, Raiisi and Pour Mohammadi to counter the complaints and grievances of the victims.

The legal team of the Iran Watch came to the conclusion that its main focus should be on the crimes committed in Kahrizak prison, where crimes against humanity had been committed.  List of other crimes committed by Shahroudi should also be added to the main point.

The evidence concerning the crimes committed during the tenure of Shahroudi and his direct involvement in perpetration of these crimes, in particular in Kahrizak, were collated and translated.  Contacts were made with victims (and their families) of torture and murder in Kahrizak and statements were prepared.  All the documents with the help of German lawyers, who were assisting Iran Watch on a pro bono basis, was submitted at 10 am on Wednesday 10th January 2018 to the German Federal Prosecutor in Karlsruhe.

Iran Watch

10th January 2018