In this audio file, Ayatollah Montazeri talks to members of Tehran death commission criticizes the execution of political prisoners in 1988. He tells them that the biggest crime that has been carried out in the Islamic Republic of Iran, is committed by them and they will be remembered as criminals in the history.

Death Comissions were established in the summer of 1988 across the country by the order of Ruhollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Regime of Iran to eliminate political prisoners who had survived mass executions of early years of 1980s.

Members of death commission in Tehran were: Esmail Shoshtari, Hosseinali Nayeri, Morteza Eshraghi, Ebrahim Raeissi and Mostafa Poormohammadi. They were assisted by Majid Ghodosi(Majid Molajafar), Mojtaba Halvaei Asgar, Nasseryan(Mohammad Moghayseh), Akbar Kabiri Araei(Fakor), Davood Lashkari and Hamid Noory(Abbasi).

For a long time, Montazeri was the one Ayatollah Khomeini envisioned as his successor but he fell out of favor with Khomeini after criticizing the executions of political prisoners in 1988.