Mother Behkish died in Tehran

Mother Behkish, one of the mothers of Khavaran, passed away on January 3, 2016

Mother Behkish, one of the mothers of Khavaran, died in her residence in Tehran on January 3rd, 2016. The Islamic Republic of Iran killed and executed six members of her family in the 1980s, for their political activities and beliefs. Those killed by the regime were her daughter Zahra Behkish, her sons Mohammad Reza Behkish, Ali Behkish, Mahmoud Behkish, Mohsen Behkish and her son-in-law Seyamak Asssadian.

Mother Behkish spent most of her life in front of the prison and cemetery were her loved ones were believed to be, looking for them. She was one of the mothers and a member of thousands of families whose dear ones were executed and killed by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the 1980s. Since then, they have been seeking justice for their loved ones. Consequently, they turned Khavaran cemetery into the main base for their struggle for justice and have fought to maintain this cemetery, where their dear ones were buried in mass graves following the political mass executions of the1980s.

Mother Behkish´s heart was full of love and hope for better days to come, days when she would be able to see perpetrators held accountable for the death of her loved ones. Alas, she will not see this day.Iran

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