Mother Sakineh Hazarestan(Mother Ajam)

Mother Sakineh Hazarestan(mother Ajam), was born in Bushehr in 1308 (1929) and passed away in Tehran on 28 Khordad 1395 (18 June 2016). Mother Ajam was one of the Khavaran Mothers. Until the last moments of her life she sought justice for her sons Hassan and Ali Ajam who were executed by the Islamic Republic of Iran in Evin Prison in 1360s (1980s). Mother Ajam was a hard-working woman, with one leg in the family chores at home, and the other leg outside the house pursuing other matters of the family. From the Shahrivar of 1360 (Aug.-Sep. 1981) when her first son was arrested, one of her legs was at the door of the Evin Prison. After the execution of both of her sons Hassan and Ali until the time she died, she visited Khavaran where her sons are buried in mass graves, to seek justice for them. Mother Ajam, despite all the hardships she suffered in her life, was a strong woman, a faithful mother, and always a pillar of the families’ programs in Khavaran. The Islamic Republic also arrested Mother Ajam’s daughter-in-law Farideh Yusefi in Aug.-Sep. 1981 and a year later executed her in Evin Prison by the firing squad.

Ali Ajam

Ali Ajam was born in Abadan in 1329 (1950). After the completion of his High School and obtaining of his diploma he was employed by the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) where he started his job. The Islamic Republic arrested him in Tehran in Aban 1361 (Oct.-Nov. 1982) because of his activism related to Sahand –  Unity of Communist Militants – and tortured him in Evin Prison. The Islamic Republic executed Ali in Evin Prison on 01 Ordibehesht 1362 (21 April 1983) and buried him secretly in Khavaran.

Hassan Ajam

Hassan Ajam was born in Abadan in 1332 (1953) and successfully completed his high school education. After graduating from High School, he entered the University of Science and Industry and studied Civil Engineering. The Islamic Republic arrested him in front of the Polytechnic University in Tehran on 30 Shahrivar 1360 (21 Sep. 1981) in relation to his activism with the Organisation of Militants for the Liberation of the Working Class and tortured him in Evin Prison. IRI executed him in the same prison on 12 Dey 1360 (02 Jan. 1982) and buried him secretly in Khavaran abandoned Cemetery. Hassan was in prison twice previously in 1350 and 1354 (1971, 1975) during the Shah’s regime for his political activities.

Farideh Yusefi

Farideh Yusefi was born in Abadan in 1335 (1956) and completed her primary and secondary school in that city. The Islamic Republic arrested Farideh in Tehran on 31 Shahrivar 1361 (22 Sep. 1982) and tortured her in Evin Prison. Farideh was executed in Evin Prison on 06 Ordibehesht 1362 (26 April 1983) and buried in Khavaran, one grave away from the grave of her husband Ali Ajam.