Mother Alieh Alipour was born in 1304 (1925) and died on 07 Bahman 1398 (27 Jan. 2020) at the age of 87. The most precious asset of her life was the faded image of her son Mansour (Mehdi) when she died.

Mother Alieh was the mother of Mansour Dallalzadeh Jahangiri who was executed during the massacre of political prisoners in 1367 (1988). Mother Alieh was one of the mothers who, in 1988, after not knowing about her son Mansour for several months, received a bag containing his clothes and letters. Later on, she visited the Khavaran Cemetery together with other families. Mother Alieh attended each year the Khavaran ceremonies together with other mothers and families until 1388 (2009). From 1988 onwards, with the intensification of the security situation and the construction of canals around the entrances to Khavaran, it became more difficult for many elderly parents to go there, and impossible for some of them, such as Mother Alieh.

Execution of Mansour transformed Mother Alieh from an ordinary mother to a woman who in the depth of her heart was a protester and a political activist. She, who advised the young people until before the execution of his son not to expose their lives to danger, spoke wherever she went – to congregations, on the streets and inside the bus – of the pain and the injustice the Islamic Republic had inflicted on the hearts of bereaved mothers.

Mansour Dallalzadeh Jahangiri

 Mansour was born in Tehran in 1337 (1958). At the time of his arrest in 1360 (1981), he was a student of Physics at the Sharif University of Technology and one of the supporters of Sazman-e Ettehad-e Mobarezan-e Communist (Organisation of Unity Militants Communist). Mansour was hanged in Gohardasht Prison in the summer of 1367 (1988), together with hundreds of other political prisoners. His body was buried in the mass graves of Khavaran. Islamic Republic of Iran had sentenced Mansour to thirty years of prison some years earlier. Mansour was thirty years old at the time he was executed.