Final Session

Final stage of the people´s court of the Iran Tribunal will be held in London

Following two successful court hearings in London and The Hague, the final stage of The Tribunal will be held in London at the Foreign Press Association on the 15th of March at 15:00PM.

The people´s court of the Iran Tribunal succeeded in investigating the mass executions of political prisoners in Iran in the 1980s in two stages of a fact-finding Truth Commission and a Tribunal, to hold the Islamic Republic of Iran accountable for crimes against humanity.

The final judgment of the second phase of the people’s court of Iran Tribunal was issued on the 5th February 2013. The judgment will be presented officially by the judges of the Iran Tribunal during a court press conference at 25 Northumberland Ave, London WC2N 5AP.

Through this event, the historic judgment of the people’s court of the Iran Tribunal will be recorded in the public consciousness and in the history of Iran and the world for future generations to come.

Following this momentous presentation, a press conference will be held in the presence of judges, prosecutors, and members of the International Legal Steering Committee of the Iran Tribunal, as well as witnesses, and the campaign´s spokespeople.

Attending the final stage of The Iran Tribunal is open and free to the public. However, you will be required to register in advance. To do so, please contact with your full name and the country of your residence.

Members of the press who would like to attend the event for live coverage or to record the proceedings are required to register in advance by contacting stating their full names and the name of their news agencies.

You must register by the 13th of March 2013 at the latest.

Proceedings will be streamed live at and there will be regular updates via the @IranTribunal Twitter feed.

People’s Court of the Iran Tribunal

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