Press and Media Statement

Iran Tribunal Campaign

Since its establishment, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been suppressing and eliminating its opponents in a systematic manner. Persecuting, arrest, imprisoning and executing the revolutionary and freedom seeking forces has been the principal policy of the Islamic rule in Iran ever since it’s clinching of power.

The initial assault on the opponents in the aftermath of the 1979 revolution was launched by attacking Turkman Sahra, Khoozestan and Kurdistan.
In a systematic and widespread blitz in 1981, tens of thousands of members and supporters of opposition groups and dissents were detained, tortured and annihilated by execution throughout Iran. The smothering of any dissent expression in the early years led to the more rigorous and organised crimes in the later years.

During the summer of 1988, those prisoners who survived the mass killings of the earlier years, were rounded up and massacred within Iran’s prisons. 
The killings in prisons were later horrifically extended to civic levels by kidnapping and murdering writers and intellectuals both within Iran and abroad.

Such levels of carnage still continues by suppressing women, students and the working class which exhibits the latest gruesome features of one of the most despotic regimes in the world. Brutal suppression, torture, rape and murder take place in Iran on a daily basis. Despite such menacing rule however, social defiance by millions of Iranians at epic levels has been witnessed and admired throughout the world.

Throughout the years of rule of tyranny, the families of the victims have pleaded for justice before the international community and have petitioned to unveil the truth about Islamic Republic crimes.
Following such demands, some of the families of the victims of crimes committed by the Islamic Republic in Iran’s prisons during 1980s have initiated an international campaign to indict the Islamic Republic of Iran for crime against humanity. This campaign aims to prepare a tribunal in order to investigate the mass executions of the political prisoners in Iran during the 1980s; in particular in the summer of 1988.

This campaign was formally launched on 10 December 2009 after 2.5 years of initial preparation and groundwork. The freedom loving people of Iran and particularly the families of the victims of Islamic Republic crimes during 1908s urge the international community, media and the press to extend their support toward a successful outcome for this campaign.

Media coverage is imperative. We urge all conventional and the Internet broadcasting media institutions such as The Iranian TV and radio broadcast, BBC, Voice of Amrica, Al Jazeera, Sky News CNN, GRITtv, Deep Dish TV, Democracy Now, etc. to engage with this campaign. 

It is also essential that the news of this campaign is spread as widely as possible. This can be achieved by posting links from Iran Tribunal’s website at on your websites, blogs, twitter and facebook.

List of campaign´s spokespersons:

1-                  Iman Shirali                                                                
2-                  Leila Ghalghebani                                                      
3-                  Rakhshande Hussainpour                                          
4-                  Akram Biravand                                                          
5-                  Dariosh Afshar                                                           
6-                  Hamid Kamali                                                                                
7-                  Behrooz Partow                                                          
8-                  Babak Rahimi                                                             
9-                  Ahmad Mousavi                                                          
10-                Suzan Bahar                                                                
11-                Iraj Mesdaghi                                                               
12-                Vahid Valizadeh                                                           
13-                Paywand Bashkandi                                                       
14-                Zargham Asadi                                                             
15-                Zaman Massoudi                                                          
16-                Ardavan Zibaram                                                          
17-                Pouyan Daneshiyan                                                     


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