Filing a lawsuit against an Iranian perpetrator of crimes against humanity

The Iran Tribunal Foundation filed a case against Husseinali Neyyeri at the Berlin Prosecutor’s Office after receiving news that he was in Germany. A legal team consisting of two Iranian lawyers and two German lawyers, followed up judicial proceedings and filed the case with the number (DRINGEN / Iran / VStGB) at the Berlin prosecutor’s office.

The case had four witnesses, whom during the mass execution of 1988 of political prisoners, were taken to a so called “Commission of Death” in Evin and Goherdasht prisons. Neyyer was the head of this commission and act as of sharia judge.

Berlin prosecutor sent the case to Hanover prosecutor immediately for investigation. Hanover prosecutor assigned police to investigate the case. Police reported back the results of their investigation to the Hanover prosecutor’s office. In the report, police say Hussein Ali Nayeri has not been admitted to the Hanover International Neuroscience Hospital, where he was told to be hospitalised. And it is very unlikely that he has even visited Germany. German lawyers informed us about the investigation on July 19th.

According to prisoners who survived the massacre of summer of 1988, Neyyeri as of the head of this commission, issued hundreds of death sentences in Evin and Gohardasht prisons. Neyyeri has committed a crime against humanity according to international law and must be tried for this crime.

Iran Tribunal Foundation

July 23, 2023