Mother Hebe de Bonafini died at the age of 93,

Mother Hebe de Bonafini past away on Sunday 20 November 2022, after several days of hospitalization at the Italian Hospital in La Plata, capital of the province of Buenos Aires, during which she received demonstrations of love, accompaniment and concern”, just as “throughout her militant career.

Mother Hebe de Bonafini was one of the founders of the Association of Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in May 1977, two years after the military seized power and began a brutal crackdown on suspected leftists.  

She became president two years later and led the more radical of two factions of the organization until her death.

Mother Hebe is an international symbol of the fight for human dignity and search for truth and justice for the 30,000 disappeared during the last military dictatorship in Argentina.

Following the death of Mother Hebe de Bonafini, Iran Tribunal Foundation sent a message of condolences to the Plaza Mayo Mothers’ Association, paid tribute to Mother Hebe, her memory and her tireless fight for justice, who put light in the midst of the dark night of the military dictatorship.  

The Iran Tribunal Foundation has been in regular contact with the Plaza Mayo Mothers’ Association, mainly with Mother Hobe, for the past 20 years. Among other messages, she sent two video massages to two events in London and in Stockholm that the Foundation held in 2017 and 2018, in support of Iran Mothers of Khavaran.

Mothers of Khavaran refers to the mothers whose sons and daughters were forcibly abducted from their homes, workplaces or in the streets in 1980s, tortured to death or executed in groups and buried in unknown mass graves in secret. It is estimated that over 30 000 political prisoners, men and women were executed or killed under the torture by the Iranian Islamic Regime from 1981 to 1988.

Khavaran is unmarked irregular cemetery southwest of Tehran, the capital of Iran, one of the sites where some of mothers of Khavaran discovered a number of mass graves.