Iran Tribunal Mourns the Death of Professor Kader Asmal

Iran Tribunal Campaign regrets with great sorrow to announce the death of Professor Kader Asmal, member  of Iran Tribunal International Legal Steeing Committee who passed away in Cape Town, South Africa on Wednesday 22nd June 2011, following a heart attack.

Iran Tribunal pays tribute to a man whose life and works have left a mark on people across the world. Anti-apartheid campaigner, Professor of Law, Minister of Education and Chair of the World Commission on Dams.

Professor Asmal was the founder of the British and Irish Anti-Apartheid Movements. Professor’s Asmal’s life was devoted to the promotion of Human Rights for the entire citizen’s of world. Whether in government or opposition, he fearlessly fought for the rights of under-privileged and never hesitated to stand for the principles he stood for regardless of consequences. He resigned his seat in the National Assembly in 2008 as protest to the Parliament’s vote to disband anti-corruption police force. In 2007 he openly spoke against Mugabe (once a close friend) for hid disregard of Human Rights.

In his academic life, Professor Kader Asmal was a long standing teacher of human rights, labour and international law.

In 2010 he joined the Iran Tribunal and was elected to and served as an active member (despite his ill health) of the International Steering Committee of Iran Tribunal. The Tribunal is set up on behalf of the families of thousands of political prisoners who were massively executed by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1980s and the survivors of this human tragedy.

Professor Asmal is survived by his wife Louise Parkinson and two sons. Iran Tribunal, on behalf of the families of the victims and the survivors of 1980s political mass executions, conveys their gratitude for the services of Professor Asmal to their cause and mourns the loss of one of its tireless founders.

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