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Support “Iran Tribunal” Campaign to hold the Islamic Republic of Iran accountable for its crimes against humanity!

Freedom loving Citizens,

For the first time in the contemporary history of Iran, an international campaign has been launched to investigate the mass executions of Iran’s political prisoners, and to hold the Islamic Republic of Iran accountable for its crimes against humanity during the1980s, and in particular, the summer of 1988.

This grassroots campaign has been initiated by the families of the victims, those who managed to survive the atrocities and many conscientious and freedom seeking political and human rights activists, in pursuit of justice.

We are turning to all freedom loving citizens of the world including writers, lawyers, journalists, human right activists, artists, workers, students, etc. to join this movement and to show and express their support toward this campaign.

This campaign was started in the autumn of 2007. Initially, a feasibility study was carried out to determine the most practical and possible methods of achieving its objectives. The advice and recommendations of several international law experts, particularly some of those among “Lawyers without Borders” were sought. Over sixty local and international visits, including hundreds of e-mails and paper correspondence were exchanged between the organisers and renowned international lawyers and human rights institutions.

Now that all of the preliminary and preparatory work has been completed, and the political and international situation has been carefully considered, the campaign is ready to establish the Tribunal.

To this effect, and despite many practical difficulties, due to its worldwide scope, so far, twenty renowned international lawyers and key people from Africa, Europe, USA and Canada have joined this campaign. The formation of the “Legal Steering Committee” as advised by our legal team is imminent and will be addressing the prerequisites of such a tribunal in terms of the Court Proceedings, Jury Panel, Panel of Prosecution and Defence Panel.

Any campaign of this magnitude and gravity requires substantial financial support. The cost implications of this campaign from the start through to its successful outcome are estimated to be around 150,000 Euros.

We appeal to all freedom loving people of the world to pledge and donate their contributions toward this campaign. The successful outcome of this tribunal will mean that one of the most brutal and barbaric regimes in the world will be held accountable for its crimes against humanity. It will also send a clear message to all other despotic states in the world that they are liable to be judged upon and prosecuted by their own oppressed people.

Please make your donation to one of the following banks:


Name of the Bank: Plusgirot -Nordea 
Name of the account: Iran Tribunal
account number: 60 42 41-0 

IBAN: SE19 9500 0099 6026 0604 2410
BIC: NDEASESS                           


Name of Bank: HSBC

Name of Account: I.T. Campaign
Account No.: 53812340
sort code 40-05-18

IBAN: GB75MIDL40051853812340
BIC: MIDLGB2107G                                                                                                          


Name of Bank: Bank of the West
Name of Account: IT
Account No.: 013015222
Routing: #10700681

Iran Tribunal Campaign

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